Stress Management & Resilience Building For Teachers
and Professionals in South London
covering Lewisham, Blackheath & Greenwich


The creation of this healing and educational service stems from my own experiences and struggles with stress and the many related manifestations already mentioned in the stress management section of my website, namely depression, anxiety, fear including the other physical and mental features which are regarded as indicating the presence of the condition known simply as stress.

At Healing With Hypnosis, I focus on more than the treating and relieving of symptoms through the application of individually tailored, client-centered therapeutic tools and techniques. My ultimate purpose is to help you develop a better mind, so you are able to lead a better life. It is important to me that you not only FEEL better, but that you GET better and also are able to maintain this state of wellness.

The tools and techniques that I will teach you to employ in your everyday life as a mean of "self-care", will also help you maintain the benefits experienced in therapy and prevent against relapse.

I also help you to understand that it is not the events that occur in your life that are the cause of the problem, but rather the significance these events hold for you. In other words, the way you interpret these events, how meaningful they are or are considered to be to you will determine whether or not you experience stress and the degree to which you are affected.

For me, the healing process began when I understood, acknowledge and accepted that there was indeed a direct relationship between what was happening in my body with what was happening in my mind.

My success as therapist is determined by more than the simple application of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy underpinned techniques which of course include hypnosis. Although powerful in themselves, I have found that the effectiveness of these techniques are magnified when anchored by a conscious understanding of one simple but fundamental principal.

What is this simple principal?

Everything originates in the mind through our thoughts. Thoughts are things and as such, what we think about, we bring about. Whatever we focus on expends and grows. The thing that we fear most tends to happen to us.

Based on this principal, the simple but powerful, undeniable truth, therapy for me and with me becomes about so much more than the relieving of unpleasant or sometimes debilitating symptoms such as those caused by chronic stress. It becomes about helping all my clients understand the power of their own mind, including the powerful influence of their thoughts, feelings and beliefs, over their circumstances and life experiences.

At Healing With Hypnosis, I also teach what today are generally unused techniques that can nonetherless greatly impact not only your physical but also your mental and emotional health. As you will find, the understanding and application of these techniques can and will change all aspects of your life for the better.

These principles are based in ageless wisdom. By putting them to the test as you will be guided to do with me in therapy, your confidence in the ability of your own mind to heal your body will increase. You will learn that indeed you do have power and control over your circumstances and that you can determine what impact these circumstances have on your thoughts, feelings and behaviour and on your life in general. In other words, you will become the master of your fate.

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