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Come And Enjoy Creating Powerful, Long Lasting Changes With An Evidence Based Hypnotherapist


Hypnotherapy is an effective, evidence based solution. It is an effective, evidence based solution that doesn’t take years of sitting on sofas to bear fruit. The idea here is not to keep you in therapy indefinitely, but to give you the tools to cope better NOW.

Hypnotherapy works to ensure your actions and reactions are ones that help rather than hinder the thoughts and behaviours you would choose to do and have, as you go about your daily life.

Hypnotherapy with me is an enjoyable process which allows you to create powerful and long lasting changes in your life. I offer a grounded, modern technique in a relaxing and safe environment, where every session is led by you!

I know personally from my 11 years of teaching French and Spanish in a large secondary school that teaching is a very stressful profession and that every teacher has different stressful challenges to overcome. My mission therefore, is to give you the resources you need to overcome your stress and transform your life and grow through awareness, education in collaboration.

During our work together my goal is to effectively help you understand your own stress response, triggers and symptoms and to work at the level of the psychological factors which are increasing and/or maintaining maladaptive stress responses.

Together we will design a treatment plan and select the most effective strategies and techniques that will calm your body and mind and also build your overall sense of well-being and your resilience to stress thus creating deep, lasting change.

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Here at Healing With Hypnosis, I combine the most evidence-based, Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy, Clinical Hypnosis and Problem Solving Therapy approaches that can help reduce and alleviate a wide range of stress-related issues. My goal is to give all you the skills and confidence you need to achieve your goals.

Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy will put you back in control of your thoughts, feelings and behaviours. We will work at a pace that suits you while addressing each of the symptoms and challenges you are facing.

Using proven therapeutic techniques, I can help you manage your stress levels and build your resilience so you can enjoy freedom from the unhealthy negative emotional states of (anxiety, anger, frustration, depression, fatigue...), that accompany stress, so you can finally experience greater ease, empowerment and effective living.

In addition, my systematic approach to mindfulness, relaxation, self-acceptance and to changing your thinking habits and behaviour, will make it easy for you to achieve your therapeutic goals.

Please rest assured that during hypnosis, you are always in control. I simply act as a guide to achieving the change you’re seeking, resulting in a happier, healthier, better version of the person you already are.

Gaining this sense of control means you can enjoy being the best version of yourself, free from limiting beliefs and happier than ever before. And the power to achieve these changes, small or big, lies entirely within your own mind.

Evidence-Based Approach = Real Results!

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