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The Importance of Having a Positive Self-Image

Entry # 21


If your self-image is positive, you'll feel unstoppable in achieving your dreams. Likewise, if you have a negative self-image, you'll go through life feeling unfulfilled and worrying that you're not good enough.

Here's 5 secrets to build a positive self-image:

1) Engage In Positive Self-Talk.

We all talk to ourselves and carry on a mental dialogue. It's important to become mindful of what you say to yourself; because more often than not, it's what we believe in. Instead of bringing yourself down and being your own worst critic, affirm and encourage yourself.
Throughout the day, build yourself up by telling yourself constantly how you're improving or what a great job you've done.

2) Accept Flaws.

Everyone has flaws and makes mistakes. Accepting yourself for your weaknesses and imperfections will help you move on to focusing on those which matter more - your strengths. Instead of beating yourself up for things you can't change or control, spend your energy on maximizing your skills and abilities.

3) Recognize Accomplishments.

No matter how big or small they are, your accomplishments are concrete reminders of your self-worth. Recognizing even the smallest 'wins' helps you realise that you're important; and that if you put your mind to it, you can do anything.

4) Spend Time With People Who Have A Positive Attitude.

If you're constantly around people who just bring you down, building a positive self-image can be very difficult (or nearly impossible). Surely there are people who love you, inspire you, and care for you. Choose to be around them. Not only will they help you feel good about yourself, they will also support you in times of challenges.

5) Treat Yourself Kindly.

You deserve to be happy and feel good about yourself. Give yourself generous compliments and reward yourself with little treats. Don't pressure yourself too much. Remember that you don't have to please everyone. Your self-perception - your personal view of yourself - is what matters. Yes, it can be difficult at first. It can also take a while. Remember that it's a process. If you make mistakes along the way, forgive yourself and encourage yourself to keep going.

Building a positive self-image always starts from within. It's always a conscious choice. Choose to love and accept yourself.

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Entry # 20


And now for the fifth and final step for completing any project:

STEP #5 FOR COMPLETING A PROJECT: Enlist the help of an accountability partner

I am a huge fan of having an accountability partner who can help you stay inspired, motivated and moving toward the vision you have in mind of what you want to create with your project.

A great accountability partner will help you stay on track with your project like white lines on a highway. They’ll let you know when you’re veering too far off from where you set out to go, and they’ll tell you to put your foot on the gas pedal if you start moving too slowly!

This person will also help you bounce back if you stumble, and they’ll help you celebrate your successes along the way!

Your accountability partner could be a friend, family member or colleague, as long as they embody three important qualities that I share here.

No matter what though, surround yourself with people who believe in you and who are driven to accomplish their own goals and dreams – this mindset and the energy that goes with it is absolutely contagious!

YOU are the secret to completing a project…however large or seemingly difficult to finish!
It can be all too easy to get busy or stressed and start to blame circumstances beyond our control for not completing a project that’s important to us.

But remember – there’s a power within you that’s far greater than any circumstance, situation or condition you will ever find yourself in. Remember this when you start to waver on something you’ve set your mind to!

And be sure to set yourself up for success right out of the gate with any project by being mindful of how you think and speak about the actions to be taken, and by leveraging the power of your calendar, delegation and an accountability partner.

Together, these steps will ensure you take each and every project straight to completion!

I hope you have found the suggestions in these 5 steps useful. If you have share them with a friend. They will appreciate you for it.

Until next time!

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Entry # 19


STEP #4 FOR COMPLETING A PROJECT: Delegate when possible

Is there some part of your project that you can delegate to others?

Is your project to plan your wedding, can you enlist members of your wedding party to run some errands or set up your wedding decorations, for example?

Delegated tasks can help you take a strength and stretch it further. But some of the best growth comes when you give someone responsibility for an area or skill set that needs further development. If your project is to launch a new business, for example, and one of the steps is to come up with a tagline and brand messaging for your company… rather than investing hours into trying to write this messaging yourself, is there an expert you can hire to do this for you?

Delegating tasks can lighten your workload, but delegating does much more than just get stuff off your plate, according to Dr. Scott Williams, professor of management at Wright State University.

If possible, hire others to complete steps of your project that are not absolutely essential to be completed by you. Or ask a few reasonable favours of family or friends – chances are they’d be thrilled to have a chance to contribute to your project!

Being great at completing projects doesn't mean you do everything yourself. It means you’ve gotten really good at identifying the people best suited to tackle a task or project and empowering them to do so. Delegating also help the people who work for you develop new skills and gain knowledge, which prepares them for more responsibility in the future.

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